55 Days before Surgery

December 4, 2013

A picture for people coping with Ehlers-Danlos or other chronic illness.

by Susan B Spitzer, PhD

Personal Status I don’t know what the future will bring with this surgery, but the best scenario is to be able to resume my life in an upright position. You can’t imagine the complications that eventually develop from having to remain supine all the time. Lungs collapse, ribs dislocate, fat increases, muscle tone decreases, and the cobwebs in the corners of your ceilings become the focus of your daily, visual input. I specifically bought a house with interesting ceilings so I wouldn’t get bored staring at them all the time. Who could have known that those beautiful cornices would betray me by attracting cobwebs? Well, if things go well with this surgery, I’ll have better opportunities to focus on the mildew behind the toilets. Certainly, only upright people have the honor of noticing such things, just as only supine people can study ceiling dirt. It’s all a matter of perspective.


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