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May 5, 2009

A picture for people coping with Ehlers-Danlos or other chronic illness.

by Susan B Spitzer, PhD

I recently attended a local, outdoor event which included terrific community performers. The day was beautiful and the mercury peaked at about 90 degrees. My body’s inflammation level was low, so I was able to cycle from my home to the event and enjoy the performers in the comfort of my recumbent trike’s seat. Ahhhhhh. Lazy in the sun!   Despite the heat, there was a gentle breeze which flowed through everything from trees to people. The breeze gently nudged the flowering trees that spring had recently awoken, and it moved through the crowds of people who were gathered at the base of a stage, and traveled upward to cool the performers. Just as the breeze moved the trees, the music seemed to move the people in a common wave. No one was untouched by the feel of the music, but some were capable of feeling it more than others. The audience was made up of families and unattached adults of varying races and ages up to 80ish years old. The kids danced freely with little inhibition while the young adults moved with precision and sex appeal. One participant caught my attention as I was able to identify her as a chronic pain sufferer by her appearance. She clearly had orthopedic complications, including a scoliosis. Despite her apparent disability and advanced years, she was the most celebratory dressed person there and danced like she had once been a professional. Her professionalism was as nostalgic as the 60’s style music coming from the stage, although it looked like she might have been able to contribute some nostalgia even in the 1960’s! At one point, she executed a dance maneuver while close to me and I observed her shoulder subluxate. Without missing a beat, she reset her shoulder back into normal position and continued on with her enjoyable performance. I understood the kind of discomfort that accompanies that type of orthopedic hypermobility and I knew then that her overall body pain must be quite severe. Yet, despite the crippling pain, she left her walker on the sidelines and danced in celebration of the day. Since I always keep a camera on my trike, I captured some of Carolyn’s spring day celebration, and then had the honor of speaking with her. Anyway, without further ado, he-e-e-e-e-e-re’s Carolyn!

…and here’s an auditory treat for your day from Monty Python!


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