Yom Kippur 2007

September 21, 2007

A picture for people coping with Ehlers-Danlos or other chronic illness.

by Susan B Spitzer, PhD

Stepdad and I have returned from NY back to his home about four hours away from my home. We are thrilled to all be together, my husband, daughter, mother, stepfather, and grandmother, for the rapidly approaching Yom Kippur holiday. The day and a half driving trip back was difficult in that my healing pain has been off the charts. This pain is tolerable, however, since many of my symptoms from bone infection encroaching on strategic nerves have dramatically subsided. The horrible pain in my right shoulder blade is almost gone and my failing vision has improved to the point where I may even be able to reduce my screen fonts to sizes which would provide for longer life expectancies of several trees when it comes to printing time. While the Yom Kippur holiday focuses on people asking God for forgiveness for all the crummy things they have done to Her over the past year, it is customary to clear up any misunderstandings between people before embarking upon this endeavor. In this spirit, as I watch the sun setting down below the beautiful mountains that God is allowing me to see this year on the eve of Yom Kippur, I humbly ask all who know me for forgiveness for anything bad that I have caused them, either by direct actions or inadvertent means. Thank you and to all, and happy and healthy year.


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